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Sep 25, 2013



Congrats Dmitri! It sounds awesome already, and I've the feeling it's the start of an evolution in sophisticated game design... Anyway, looking forward to learning more as you move forward.


The link to Ninja Metrics is not working. Looks like it is somehow relative when it should be absolute. Hope this helps!


Weird! Thanks for catching, fixed. At the risk of the obvious, it's www.ninjametrics.com.


Does Ninja Metrics work with any Learning Management System?


We haven't, but as we look outside of gaming we're thinking about how our social value system could help in other spaces. The keys are that the experience is social, data can be collected via API or from an existing database, and that we can somehow build social graphs of the end-users. In gaming, that's easy since they play, talk and do joint sessions. In other verticals it often means we need to piggyback on to an existing graph like Facebook, which in turn necessitates a social sign in.

Feel free to ping me off-list as well as raise issues/questions/challenges here.


Congrats, Dmitri!

Looks awesome.


Congrats, Dmitri!

Looks awesome.

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