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Apr 18, 2013



Hope this helps your research. I for one think that the business model for digital entertainment is ready to change. It all started with micro-purchases on gaming platforms like "Perfect World."

The music industry, is certainly changing. Artists and corporations are looking for a new model to increase profits. I don't think that micro-purchasing is the only way this industry will change, but from a user standpoint it will be chief.

I also believe that PS4 and similar platforms will change how games are played. I for one am excited about the possibilities.


I answered the survey, but I found it pretty annoyingly worded.

Questions like, 'have you ever viewed player-created content'. Er well, since I logged into Second Life probably 4 times in total, by default I've 'viewed' player-created content.

Most of my game-related stuff is either walkthroughs, guides, or commentary on how the economy of a given game I'm playing is set up. With the way the survey questions were worded, the most-correct answers I was pigeon-holed into giving felt more incorrect than not.


Thanks, Bill.

Nugget -- getting the wording correct was very difficult -- we went back and forth on that particular question a lot. But if you've logged into Second Life, you've viewed player-created content. So "yes" is an accurate answer.

If you've got a second, I'd be curious to hear how you think the correct answers were incorrect, and what kinds of questions would you have found less annoying.

One thing that might explain the questions is that they're paired with some other empirical work that we're doing -- so to the extent we can get a solid body of data from the survey, we can cross-reference that to other data that we're collecting via other methods.

Some of the questions might seem odd, since you don't see how they're connected with the other work (yet).

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