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Oct 18, 2012



Concerning the concentration of wealth within Bitcoin: the distribution is concentrated, showing a long tail distribution (power law): http://www.markajansen.nl/index.php/bitcoin/graph-distribution-of-top-96-bitcoin-address-volume/


Please ask Stephenson what MMOs he played and what research he did! :) I have been in multiple design convos around how realistic the REAMDE game design is.


Raph -- primarily WoW (he used to play D&D, plays Halo and other FPS, but I think WoW was the only MMORPG he played seriously for REAMDE). He got to level 72 as a Dwarf Warrior, but apparently didn't do much serious raiding.

Apparently, Bitcoin was *not* on his radar when he came up with the economic model for T'Rain -- he said that the idea of modeling a virtual currency off a scarce natural resource, though, was "pretty obvious."


This looks like an excellent event, hope you had lots of fun.

I wonder if Stephenson has seen the more realistic mountain ranges in Pandaria :)

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