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Aug 23, 2012



"Imagine a future where there are billions of tiny money receivers, not just tiny money spenders."

You mean something like this > http://preview.tinyurl.com/9tva7qp ?

Sounds a lot like Whuffie (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whuffie)


"Imagine a future where there are billions of tiny money receivers, not just tiny money spenders. Every man, woman and child is a firm.

Imagine a world in which the US government goes into conniptions about money laundering and untaxed transactions, then creams its shorts with joy as it realizes the perfect excuse for tracking and recording every financial transaction, no matter how small.


how is this any different than the linden fake dollar...? musicians have been paid in linbux for over 7 years... if the difference is "scale"..well facebook, zynga, Yahoo and big banks linked into the Gov 1.0, exist to show what'll happen if laws, not banker codes arent enacted from the bottom up. So far the bottom just wants free anarchy and all the free IP it can eat.


How are they handling the cashing-out? Is it like Entropia, where the company gives you the money, or is it like Second Life where the users give you the money?


The Chinese voice chat under the name YY. The service generating more than traffic, than Skype.
Despite the active growth of the Internet market in China, such international giants as Google and Facebook, experience difficulties, trying to reach 300-million Chinese Internet audience. In this market the Chinese players while the western networks experience difficulties with adaptation to the Chinese culture and user requirements dominate.


This is great. Thanks for sharing this one. Very interesting!

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