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Nov 23, 2011



The troubles of Rift? Did I miss some bad news about them somewhere? They seemed to be doing okay... at least okay enough that putting them in a sentence on par with LEGO Universe, which is being shut down, seems... odd.


Yeah, I shouldn't put Rift in with Lego Universe. Rift is doing fine. ( A really fun game!) My point is, Rift and other post-WoW efforts in the traditional MMORPG formula have not significantly expanded that market. Whereas, a sandbox game like Minecraft blew open the doors.


Maybe linking Rift Lego Universe was a bad example but he is on to something. MMO's such as Rift face a very segmented market. As it stands now there is WoW and then everything else. Best case scenario Rift has about 500,000 active subscribers at the moment. Note that there are no real numbers out there posted by most MMO's. That number is still pretty impressive.

However, the main point of the article is that "the times they are a changing". Rift is quite possibly the most refined MMO I've ever played but at it's core it is really no different than every MMO that came before it.

Looking forward, an MMO where users could actually shape the world definitely has potential. As stated in the article though, we've heard this all before. For better or worse, MMO's need to evolve going forward.


The times certainly are a changin. It could be argued that the MMO model is being changed with the raft of games adopting some sort of free to play system. WoW, star trek online, conan, DC universe, city of heroes. This could make it harder for new games to break into the market, no subscription=no guaranteed income.

Having said that, the jury is still out on whether free to play will attract and keep players, prepared to spend.


Maybe we should call them "Pay to Win" games instead of "Free to play."


This is great news. We hauled out Baldur's Gate and NWN over the long weekend to play with the kids; they are a lot of reading (which is sneaky teaching, actually) but so much more immersive and satisfying than a grind game.

I wonder if Goblinworks is going to convert the published Pathfinder Adventure Paths for the MMO...I'll have to follow this development!


This is a good news , salute to Paizo who contribute in gaming world. Thus, the change of playing a online D and D updated game will much an interesting one.


Bring it on (or should I say "Rock On")

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