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Aug 16, 2011



"I would favor a player-run judicial system that boots people for not playing by the rules, whatever they may be."

Very risky. The type of people you would least want to be in control are the most likely to want to obtain office. Case in point, the leader of Eve's player council the CSM is a Goon, a group notorious for disrupting games.


The Goons? Yea they are famous of ruining MMOs where ever they go.


Happy to see the issue has graduated from equivalence to steroids in the MLB to something more serious like Global Thermal Nuclear War.

In board games we have house rules. We can not seem to be able to enjoy AAA video game art and have house rules at the same time. So honorable people are stuck in Luddite-Slave-World or they utilize Avatar Right #1: QQ mor nub. It wasn't always like this. Something about video game companies figuring they are providing a service or some such nonsense.

Not sure it would matter though, as human beings no longer assemble cars IRL. Pandora's box and all that.

This is like Rick Perry's epicenter of jobs. Half those jobs created by treasonous printing of money, the other half are wage slave servants brought in to service the front half due to a lack of bartender bots.


Do they? I think they have that reputation but wonder if it is deserved or self-created.


one of the stories i heard was that they create guilds in a new game using names of other popular pro guilds who migrate from games to games. when those guilds arrive they'd not be able to use their own guild name, then the Goons would ask them to pay a certain amount if they want the name back.

other stories regarding RMT, gold dupe, or something on those lines. i think they also charge new recruits for membership fees and them kick them out.


Ok, the subject of Goons in Eve is a major diversion from the posted topic, but...

- The Goon currently elected to the head of the CSM is The Mitanni...in RL, a respectable DC lawyer. In Eve he's the best known as having been the Goon spy-master responsible for orchestrating the downfall of the Band of Brother alliance when one of BoB's directors defected to the goon side. On the whole, he's a pretty dang smart guy.
- He and the Goons that do get elected to the CSM (and yes, the Goons bloc-vote and there's one or two per term that get on) have so far conducted themselves rather well individually.
- Because of the nature of Eve and the tricks the game makes legitimate, Eve's Goons are a legitimate force. Yeah their recruitment scam racket is well known (you have to pay to join the SA boards or be sponsored by a established Goon to get in for real)...in a game where multi-billion ISK heists make headlines and multi-million scams and thefts fly under the radar.
- Eve's Goons alternate between doing stuff that's genuinely awesome, stuff that's darned annoying (being in the same system with a Goon fleet = lots of inane chat spam) and stuff that is downright low and dirty even for Eve (one incident involving a player's RL photo comes to mind).


Interesting article, I thought the vast majority of North Koreans were starving and didn't have the luxury of technology. Guess I was wrong.

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