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Jul 01, 2011



Unfortunately for Zynga, the judgment is payable in Farm Cash.


Greg - the use of "" around the terms virtual currency and virtual goods. Is there an implied irony there, as in common usage of quotes? Or is it a technical legal definition method, that is, a move to use the symbol "X" to stand for, in the context of this judgment, some incredibly long and careful definition of what X means in technical terms.

The writer keeps "virtual currency" in quotes throughout. It seems like irony or guarded disbelief to me, like these usages: from a socialist: "trickle down economics" or a climate change skeptic: "global warming."

The judge, maybe he think this virtual stuff isn't real.


I think your instincts are probably right, though there are probably two things going on. First, what you said: the court is not really sure it wants to say "virtual currency" without the quotes. Second, though, is that I think the court is quoting from the EULA/TOS provisions -- that's suggested by the initial caps. Usually defined terms are put in caps in contracts, so the court might have wanted to reference the defined terms rather than the generic term.


James -- they'd probably take that if they could get it. ;-)


I wonder why "sell" is in quotes?

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