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Jul 26, 2011



This story is just silly. As Google outlines in its +1 FAQ, This story and the folks selling +1s completely misunderstand how +1 works.

Google +1s only influence rankings, etc. if they are from people you are affiliated with in Google+ or your Google contacts (see https://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=1140194)

For example, Edward Castronova is not in my Google Contacts or my Google+ account. Spammers can hire him to +1 stuff all day, and it isn't going to effect any Google results I see at all.

So the only real issue here is if you have a lot of friends/family/acquaintances who are selling their account access to SEO spammers.

A better headline for this would be...spammer scam SEO (or blind scamming blind or something like that).


Oh, don't you doubt for a second those SEO spammers understand how a +1 works. What matters is that their customer don't understand... making themselves easy marks for a quick money scheme.

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