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May 10, 2011



If you're interested, this all began with a paper by Jarret Brachman and Alix Levine titled "World of Holy Warcraft" in Foreign Policy on April 13th:


Brachman used to head up research at West Point's Counter Terrorism Center and is highly respected in the field.

Will McCants, Brachman's co-author and colleague commented in "The Limits of Gamification" on April 25th:


Jihadica is generally reckoned to be the foremost counter-terrorism blog in the US.

Other recent comments include:

http://alixlevine.com/Alix_Levine/Blog/Entries/2011/4/27_My_Analysis_of_the_Analysis_on_Gamification_Article.html April 27, 2011

http://news.intelwire.com/2011/04/more-gamification-alix-levine-responds.html April 27, 2011

http://news.intelwire.com/2011/04/some-thoughts-on-gamification.html April 27, 2011

I've tried to suggest that Brachman should get in touch with Amy Jo Kim in the comments on one of those posts -- this is a place where a little cross-disciplinary contact would be preferable to the usual "siloing" of interests and disciplines.

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