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Apr 27, 2011



Bully! Bully, I say! I, for one, would welcome such a non-change, and would fully support continued reading of and commenting on posts that are in a wider vein. Vain? Vane...

More TN posts! That's what I'm for. Y'all are some really smart, funny and interesting people, no matter how wide your professed and joyous ignorance.



Hear, hear! I've for some time abandoned that distinction!
In fact, I believe that quite a few posts didn't make this distinction either, but it's glad to see this as "official", now!


I remember back in 2006 or 7 when I was writing an undergraduate paper on EVE Online Goonsquad recruitment through somethingawful and I stumbled on to this blog. There was a whole world of research that was just finding its form. Until i ended up here, all i was really left with was a few papers on Everquest, my experience with Final Fantasy 11, and that I was a fan of video games.

I've found a lot of great stuff here over the years that has helped me get on my feet. As I take my first timid steps into the academic environment, I still remember how I felt when I happened upon the blog through a copy of Synthetic Worlds I found at Book People in Austin, TX.

The work on Terra Nova is just as important now as it was, perhaps moreso. I hope to see the great gamification debate stir up around here soon. It's just sitting there, waiting.


For some reason, the idea of regarding FarmVille as a virtual world, makes me want to curl up into a foetal position on the floor, and begin uttering profuse, traumatised sobbing.

Has Richard Bartle experienced this reaction to FV's spurious elevation to virtual world status, yet? ;)

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