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Mar 27, 2011



Gaming will never be a mainstream hobby if the bigwigs of companies like Bioware have to respond to fans who state flatly they find being gay "disgusting".

It will remain slightly disreputable like Nascar racing. No serious opinion-leader would link themselves to a nail bomb like that waiting to go off.


I don't think Gaider considered the post to be worth response but rather he did what we all do once in a while; he responded to a random idiot on the internet that wouldn't shut up, despite knowing logically that it wouldn't fix the guy.

I don't consider homosexuality that great of a thing myself, but I also don't believe in writing code (or laws) trying to force other people into what I find acceptable. I thought Prohibition showed us all the efficacy of that kind of approach?


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Can I say: the parents of bigots like Jim Self shouldn't have been allowed to reproduce?


Bioware screwed up and now they're trying to wiggle their way out of this by scoring "wins" over their customers. Sure, everybody has the right to enjoy the game, thus we will have 1/4 of all characters be heterosexuals, 1/4 homosexuals, 1/4 bisexuals and 1/4 transgender. To make it even more catered to everyone, each of those groups should include at least one Caucasian, one African and one Asian. Each of the represented groups should have at least one male and one female member. One should be autistic. All this in a medieval elite unit trying to rescue the world. To hell with immersion! What could possibly go wrong?

This is just lousy game design. Dragon Age: Origins had a gay elf and a bisexual former member of clergy; nobody complained. Homosexuality isn't the problem here either.


I suppose we'll eventually have clickable options for all this on the 'Settings' screen.

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