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Nov 02, 2010



Read. This. Book.


Got my copy, and looking forward to reading it. Great news on the CC license: I'd like to use it as the base for my "Law of Virtual Worlds" class next semester.


Has classic written all over it! :-)


Thanks, Ted & Lisa! :-)

John -- that was my part of my hope in making it available as a free PDF. Much easier to assign it to students -- and it's the sort of book that I think can work well for undergraduate courses.


AWESOME! Makes me wish (not really) that I was still working in Lawyer Land, as I'd have a valid excuse to expense the thing.


Congratulations, Greg!

To TN Readers: I had the pleasure to read a section or two of this book while it was coming together, and I knew already then that it would be a fantastic example of nuanced, thoughtful, and yet grounded scholarship. Buy it!


Greg has a great knack for taking complicated legal cases and explaining what they mean in terms of the worlds (real and virtual). You'll encounter these cases and your brain will sort of spin inside your head and then, as you read on, you'll see the basic arguments that a reasonable person might make about the situation, and walk away with a better grasp of the social nuances of the technology.


Thanks again! And I love the "brain spinning" part, personally -- some times I get stuck there. :-)


Looking forward to the CC version. I'm sure I'll get a lot out of it, and if it's a book I'll want to read again, I'll go ahead and kill a tree (and spend my money).


John, it should be available within the next month. And I'm much more interested in people reading it than people buying it. So giving it away online is actually a win/win.


@greglas: Thank you. It didn't seem like the type of book you wrote to get rich. Doesn't make it any less important, though!


I look forward to reading it. I'll be interested to read how your views on virtual property have developed since the older "The Laws of Virtual Worlds" and your subsequent articles.


I shall order asap.


FYI my current take (that I've mused on for quite a while but have now co-written (with Melissa DeZwart) a paper on) is that Virtual Worlds are for (increasingly) many legal purposes akin to sports. In a peculiar twist next I'm going to try to apply this to Human Rights law.


Hey Ren --

I actually spend a whole chapter (6) on games & sports -- if the reader doesn't think there's an important connection between MMPORPGs and sports (and some people don't), they'll be wondering why I spend so much time talking about the laws of baseball, football, and golf.

Is your paper with DeZwart posted online?


'... effectively insulating their actions from legal review.' Take that Governator.

Sounds like a great read, I'm adding it to my wishlist.


Gratz Greg!

Have ordered it on the Kindle.


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