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Oct 01, 2010



You may want to consider a move off of TypePad, by the way. It doesn't look like the future is promising. At least, be sure to back up your content on a regular basis! Here's a good read:


That said, the new changes look good.


Your "Where in Meat Space are we?" link seems broken.


Thanks! Will fix.

I really like how the search works, you can even subscribe to an RSS feed of a particular search string.

I'm also trying to surface the categories more, and allow for pivoting on author names to see their posts. Other things to surface the archives, too, like the 'top posts'. And I want to add our 'collaborative units', list of virtual worlds, and 'research rolodex'.

I do note that commenting could be more accessible than clicking through to the post itself; trying to find that setting to tweak.

(oh, I did do an export, just in case!)


Yow! This is wonderful.


Very cool, Lisa!
Flipper, I doubt they'll be turning out the lights at TypePad. We've contemplated platform migration before, but I think this is the first major facelift in, what, 6 years??? :-0


Ooh!The RRS feed is working again! Yay!


Nice work, gang! Love it.


The redesign looks amazing, Lisa!


this is teh awsome

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