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Oct 28, 2010



Mark's also a phenomenal artist.


Welcome, Mark! :-)


Thanks so much! Now that I've graduated, I hope to get back to doing art, too. :)


An outstanding choice! Grats, Mark!




I hope to get back to doing art, too. :)
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Hola Mark

Have you ever looked at how 'voice' affects teamwork in a MMO? Specifically, whether a group leader's voice when played over some VOIP tool affects perceived leadership ability?

Or put more simply, can a guy with a squeaky voice be a better leader when he doesn't use voice?


Hi thoreau,
That is quite interesting, though I haven't personally looked at the effects of different leaders' voices. My study was on one group of players so I didn't really have the necessary ingredients for a comparison study (though we did have various subsets raid with different leaders for the different runs). The leadership roles and tasks were divided up in a way that was organic out of our existing network of players that we formed while leveling up. In other words, looking at voices with my group might have less power than looking at voice effects with PUGs.

Still, I believe there is some research on this topic... Or at least it's not the first time I heard the suggestion. Maybe someone here can chime in? Maybe Moses Wolfenstein looked at voice in his diss (also recently completed!) on leadership in WoW.


Oh, and there's stuff about how voice can break anonymity for women or transgendered players... so maybe the performance of masculinity in voices do have an effect...

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