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Sep 26, 2010



It really, really depends on how hard it is to use. The kind of folks who would enjoy just being "in" a pop star's cultural world are not likely willing to endure long download times, disconnects, lag, and griefing. This seems odd, though, because I can imagine the Superfan waiting in a long physical line, to get tickets or take a snapshot. I just can't see them waiting for a long download.


Good point, Ted, but I think patching/load time issues can be managed with (pre-loaded)distracting rich content. Disconnects/lag can be mitigated with better performance tuning. Griefers, though? Now that's a problem even the Superfan might struggle with. Do people who camp for premieres/iPads get heckled by passersby? If I ran the superfan world, I'd be pretty intolerant of such mischief-making, I think.


I think the potential of such worlds is enormous, if they can keep fan interest when the creator is no longer producing new material. Even with the number and devotion of Jackson's fans, I think the harder part for the world will be keeping them interested and coming back once they've exhausted the finite themes of his oeuvre rather than keeping lag times low. As you point out, these are people who wait(ed) in line for days for show tickets. These will not be the same sort of people who need low lag and fast rendering for effective raiding as on more hardcore MMOs, so I think it's gonna be all about content.


The 'celeb' world idea did the rounds a few years back. I'm sure there was a VW 'experience' by Eno or something.

Doing a quick search I came across this: Bowie World: http://www-static.us.worlds.net/cgi-bin/download.cgi?action=full&bundle=BowieNMCurrentVer

I'm sure there are many more, given how cheap it is to roll our own world (sounds a bit katamari damacy) one would think there would be many of these.


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