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Aug 20, 2010



>I have more than a few opinions about what an exciting, 21st century MMO might encompass.

21st Century?

>- Doing away with the grind.
>- New character classes
>- Personalized story-lines. NPCs remember you.
>- Cause and effect prevail, personal agency is paramount.
>- Dynamic events
>- PvP in non-zoned, non-instanced areas.
>- Huge-scale world vs world combat events.
>- Variations on healing and death rituals.

These are 20th Century. Everything you list here appeared in text MUDs; probably not all in the same text MUD, but they're not new ideas. Some are gimmicks, some are following a dead end further (some MUDs offered 50+ character classes), some are nice in theory but not so nice in practice.

>And for the techno-geeky among you, it's all being built on a new physics engine, Havok

This is something that the old text MUDs couldn't do, and is ultimately why so few people play them today. It trumps all the rest.



I seriously doubt that physics engines are what's made the difference between MUDs and MMOGs. Graphics, even with minimal physics, made MMOGs more accessible to more people than MUDs long ago. Interestingly, "social games" are now trumping MMOGs with their easy-in gameplay, even when the graphics are far from cutting-edge.

If GW2 can pull off some of the things they're talking about in a substantive way (and IMO that's a big if), then they will be pushing forward MMOGs and how they're designed. I remain somewhat dubious about the degree to which cause-and-effect will really affect the world, and how much effect player-agency will have. We'll see.


Hey Richard, can't say I disagree with you, but MUDs got to evolve for a long time and MMOs are catching up with some of the more creative conventions that began there. Text affords a bending of imagination not available when the intent is to create graphical representations of everything.

I am hopeful.


Lisa -- thanks for this. I saw that "independent thinking" video too and I was impressed. I'm looking forward to seeing how they implement some of those ideas. The graphics do look amazing.


Mike Sellers>I seriously doubt that physics engines are what's made the difference between MUDs and MMOGs. Graphics, even with minimal physics, made MMOGs more accessible to more people than MUDs long ago.

Yes, sorry, it was the graphical aspects of the engine I was alluding to, not the physical aspects; I should have made that clear.



I'm in.


The single biggest deal about GW2 is the removal of one of the holy trinity of RPG classes - the healer.

The new game mechanic requires each player to carry one healing spell with them. All party members will be able to rez.

I think there is an entire population of gamer who only play a healer. It seems that NCSoft is willing to let them buy another product.

One wonders if in GW3 the tank classes will be removed. Then you will be left with only dps classes.

Pick you class! We have 8 variations on the theme.


There are 3 Scholar professions. Each have them can have a primary support build to heal. For example a Water Elementalist. Arenanet realizes the audience of people that only like to play healer.

The biggest change though is the fact that it is an open world unlike guild wars 1.


"New character classes (professions) like the Ranger."

The Ranger was in GW1. I haven't heard any mention of new character classes. Although GW1 did come up with some creative ones like the Ritualist, so we'll see, although that was in an expansion pack.


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