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Jan 10, 2010



I'm intrigued by Funcom's The Secret World, an MMORPG taking place in modern times about secret societies like the Illuminati. I'm wondering how they are going to deal with the "secret" aspect of it all - if they are just going to make the whole world overrun by demons and have it be normal walking around Manhattan casting spells, I'm going to be sorely disappointed. I've been a big fan of Ragnar Tørnquist since the Longest Journey and Dreamfall, but his recent MMO endeavors have left a bitter taste in my mouth, I hope he does better for this one, because it looks promising.

To a better 2010. :)


What's in the pipeline? The Cataclysm expansion to World of Warcraft has to be near the top of the list. To my knowledge, WoW is the most mainstream subscription MMORPG in Western history. It has to be included.

What are the major trends in MMOs and virtual worlds? The continued search for "something new," as well as increased legal examination and attempted regulation of virtual worlds, including content filtering and taxation.

When's the Star Trek MMO coming out? April 16th. It's still in closed beta now, as far as I know.

Who will be TN's next contributing author? I hope it's Vili Lehdonvirta. Smart, thoughtful, can easily have several decades of VW research ahead of him. Get him while you can!

What conferences will rock? I have an inkling there'll be a presentation at an out-of-the-way conference that will prove to be extremely influential, but that influence won't be felt until 2012 or later. Short-term, name your usual suspects.


I know it's a bit of a dirty word (well...phrase) but I think user generated content is still going to be a major factor. Right now the reins are still too loose and it's bucking around everywhere but I'm hoping 2010 is the year we tame it into something useful.
What I'd really like to see is a virtual world that evolves over time - I can't find a single MMO I like simply because I don't feel like I matter - at all - within that world. Nothing changes, it's almost like being stuck in limbo.
Then again, I haven't had a good look at this sort of thing in a while (I've only had a five minute browse of Terra Nova so far) so maybe these changes like these are already happening and public knowledge...

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