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Jan 14, 2010



Thanks, Unggi. So, in a way, there's even less to this than the English language story seems to suggest. All the Supreme Court seems to have done here is interpret that statute exactly as it is written, not imposing criminal liability in a case that did not involve botting, hacking, etc. And I agree, keeping the bombing of RMT selective means that new spaces built around non-game paradigms are not excluded from future possibility. This is a good thing.


It's my pleasure, Greg.

There can be different two way of thinking regarding to this like colliding between Game and MMO. One is antigen-antibody reaction-like view, the other is cell division-like view.

Before the ruling, the former have been dominant in S. Korea in that even the EULA of MMORPG being operated & serviced by famous RMT intermediary company banned RMT of its virtual money and items just same as NCsoft, also in that there's no experiment like Station exchange of SOE. Real intentions of parties have been under the gray clouds.

I'm not sure but now the latter beam could start to come down to earth through the clouds. As I noted in one of my papers, I regard MMOG not as a sort of extension of game, but as a kind of newly born virtual association(centered on game). So, I put the possibility of virtual association for other field in regard to this SCOSK's ruling.


thank you for good post.

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