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Jul 04, 2009



"When will it be old news?"

From a gamer's point of view one hopes it will never be old news.

Eve is basically a gangster game in space, a gangster game where the gangsters can't commit crimes would be pointless.


So you guys aren't going to have any comment on the parallels that popped up this time between real world and virtual banking models. EBANK has shown it uses fractional-reserve banking, risk mitigation strategies, hedges, collateral on loans, and even service level agreements (which it measures). It's gotten to the point where it has actual defined policy and controls around it's finances and IT (using a crude change management system).

From a business point of view, it's pretty interesting to see this level of sophistication in a game where money can't be legally or easily "cashed out". Even Ricdic only stole 9% of deposits due to the diversification of Bank assets across multiple people.

Of course, you could always just say EVE is violent, etc but then you'd be ignoring the persistent maturation of financial markets in a game which suffers scams on a near monthly basis. You have to question; how can financial order emerge (and mature) from a system boiling with chaos and violence?

EVE is an interesting game.

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