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Feb 03, 2009



A couple of external resource comments...

1) Registration on the forums is turned off

2) The manual page at http://swiprojects.com/greenland/greenland_manual.htm seems to be 404

Mailing Matt...


TY. Keep 'em coming.


OK I'm slow - I didn't read the email it sent me telling me I'd be signed up later.

Realizing now that my starting hex hasn't been assigned yet, I understand why I have no idea where I am in the game.

As feedback, it's always bad design to impede people from joining your cause. The "up to" 24 hour delay is frustrating as I just got Ted's email and want to play! I'm curious! I'm excited to try this! I have to wait until tomorrow :(

Also I found the game hugely confusing at first, until I read that my starting hex actually hadn't been assigned yet. It explains why I couldn't figure out what I owned. It would be great if the game displayed this status in very prominent text for unconfirmed users.

Same idea with the forums. Edit the default "Registration has been disabled" message to indicate your registration will be activated after you register for the game (link).


Posting some info on your site on how to actually play the game from a mechanics standpoint would be good. I have signed up and have no idea how to tell whether I have a turn or how to take actions if I do have a turn.


We did not design a system for automatically assigning hexes, so it happens by hand. But you're right - people want to register and play. More notes for the team.


Maess, the game manual does fail in this regard. However, the Quick Start guide should help.


Thanks for the comment.


I spent the last hour trying to figure out how to choose a starting hex. The manual and the quick start guide dont mention anything! You really need to make the manual clearer...


How broadly do you want this beta advertised? Should I spread the word to non-social-scientist gamers?


The consent form seems to have a contradiction in it. It says, "You will not be asked at any time for any information that could be used to identify you, specifically name or address", but the form at the bottom asks for full name and birthdate.



First of all, thanks for this, it would be GREAT if we saw more academic studies taking the form of games. :)

Just one note on the registration process, before I start actually playing the game: Sending your users a plain-text email with their passwords written on it is kind of a MAJOR privacy concern, don't you think?


Just a question... you DO know that there's this huge Island, and a country, named http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenland>Greenland, right?


I was in the initial beta and now playing the open beta, and I want to congratulate the team on the vast improvements in the game. That said, I sure would like to know who's ahead in rank (is there a leaderboard I'm missing somewhere?), and hope to become High Queen. The game does allow females to take high crown, right?!


Why is it called Greenland? Does it have anything to do with the large landmass?


This is pretty cool. I am not exactly sure why its called Greenland though. I would have used Eiffel Tower or Great Wall of China or something like that.


I agree with the many other comments that to associate MMORPGs with loneliness is dopey, and that in fact such online interactions are an effective antidote to loneliness.

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