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Dec 10, 2008



You mean people actually pay real money for gold pieces in some video game?


Quite why it is still going is anyones guess.


I still find myself a bit disappointed that Terranova has lost a lot of the discussions that interested and involved developers, in favour of mainly focusing on academic chin-rubbing.

It used to be such a nice site for bringing the two groups together a bit.


Julian's article is outstanding and more quietly surreal than- well, than most virtual worlds I inhabit (L2 & WoW included). It contains the features of nearly every great narrative: sex, greed, triumph, failure... everything but maybe, redemption? I met Brock a few years ago, as I recall, but only now do I like him. He is the perfect terrible angel.

Julian proves himself, once again, an epic storyteller.


I remember discovering Terra Nova about the time you four set it up. As a gamer and (at the time) pricing strategy guy it was a wonderful intellectual romp.

I too miss the days when there was a conversation between developers and academics. It may be inevitable that the two groups seperated over time, but it was huge fun while it lasted.

Merry Christmas to all of you


Seems like a very very old blog, kind of confusing about what is mainly about though.


ur hawt

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