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Sep 29, 2008



Looks like Rosedale is effectively a builder of technology, but that doesn't automatically translate in good business sense.

Second Life for my grandma ?

He should refrain from automated Mission Generators and marketspeak.

Not only he sounds out of touch ("if you had an intelligent grandparent or parent" comes across as something that is beneath his brilliance)
he also doesn't make a compelling case for good business.

Where's the benefit ? How do we profit ? If there's no profit, where's the intrinsic value ?
How does it translate into a better life/experience/tool ?

Blank. No answers.

You should use it because it's cool and because Rosedale is oh so clever.
My grandma could care less about engrossing Rosedale's fortune.

No matter how much face-saving he got, now you see why he's not the CEO anymore.

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