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Aug 27, 2008



Interesting tour. Thanks for posting. I hadn't heard of some of them.

My favorite part: the Nietzsche quote, "Invisible threads are the strongest ties."

Funny to have Spore in there before it's even released and though it's not really a multi-user space.


Nice tour, but it's already outdated. We just launched Multiverse Places BETA (www.mv-places.com) this week!
It's an open beta so please try it out:
Multiverse Places BETA promo video
Multiverse Places BETA screenshots
It's a pretty rough version right now, but there will be a LOT more to come in terms of addictive gameplay, new zones, improved avatar interaction and improved customization!


Hey Bob --

I downloaded it today, actually. You should do a post here on TN about Multiverse -- I'm be interested in hearing what's coming down the pike. :-)

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