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Jun 25, 2008



Hmm, maybe I should write about carbon goggles...


@Jim They look fascinating- please consider writing something up!


As a 70-year-old none-of-the-above who has only recently discovered the existence of virtual worlds, I encourage ending the use of the "virtual reality" title until some bitter pills are included.
The real-world reality is that our wonderfulness has not included the cost of pollution and fossil depletions, etc. and if we are to see the full potential of an improved world modeled in-world, there will have to be allowances made for these costs.
My field of interest is anaerobic decomposition of organic wastes into methane fuel and further decomposition aerobically into soil enhancing humus to replace depleted soils. A mouthful, perhaps, but I find nothing so far to indicate that the in-world creates garbage, landfills, or alternative fuels which are the problems we need to model.
Getting used to recycling, etc. needs to be part of our future behavior. Milk doesn't come from bottles.

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