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May 23, 2008



Interesting that someone's found a way to go vigilante on their own faction . . . I have to be honest, I rather wish that WoW allowed same-faction killing (with consequences, of course) just so that I could have a chance to smear some of the really annoying people . . .
On the OT stuff: !!! Knitted Oods are disturbingly cute and innocuous-looking, given their terrifying behavior in the one Ood-laden episode I've seen. For that matter, so are the knitted Daleks!


I love how you spin this as anti-cheater. I encountered players dropping this totem in the Auction House and killing newbies and bank alts alike.

Griefers are griefers, regardless of their target.


It requires a bit more effort, but doesn't broken doomguard rain of fire work just as well?


Rohan, is someone who defends the town square a griefer, or a sherrif?

I would really be interested in seeing the Bartle Type data for the people who discovered this, and the people doing it. A very interesting instance of depth the designers didn't know existed.


As pointed out by N. M. Heckel, the ability to kill off members of your own faction is a rather seducing thought once every so often; very exploitable too, thus needing an insane amount of customer (GM) support, which nobody at Blizzard in their sane minds would offer. Costs, costs, costs.

A different solution would be equipping the level 70s with the ability to kill of spammers though and reminding them of the consequences. I doubt that many of the people, who spent six month levelling their character, would like to get a four week ban for killing of a newbie. Just my two pence.


I seem to remember a similar "exploit" in Ultima Online. I'm a bit hazy on the details, but I think you used to be able to take a trapped chest from a dungeon, place it next to (e.g.) the bank, and then trigger the trap. This killed the nearby victim(s), without the aggressor being flagged as having killed someone in a guarded zone.

Back in MUD 1, a wizard could take the dragon, put it in a sack, and then drop it at the entrance. Great fun.

Rohan, is someone who defends the town square a griefer, or a sherrif?

Possibly a griefer, because they don't own the monopoly of violence for that town square.


"It is intriguing how virtual communities will revert to community enforcement when they perceive that the legal solutions are not working."


It is common for virtual communities to practice community enforcement. Whenever. Alla time. Regardless.

Good example tho.


I commented on this over at my blog: The War Against Gold Farmers.
Please excuse some of the errors on the site as it's still in beta and we don't have all of the content and bugs 100% worked out yet.

I thought I would comment as this post ties in partly with the goal of our site which is to bring self-regulation (but with information not in-game exploits) to the RMT industry by making critical information about the (often shady, like most black market industries) industry available to consumers who can then vote with their dollars (Note: which we then get 10% of through affiliate programs). It also includes some cool charts in an attempt to create a WSJ/TheStreet.com feel to the virtual currency industry.

Right now we are putting together a database of companies that spam and planning to target them through SEO and Search Engine PPC along with a public publicity campaign to refer them to more reputable vendors. If spamming hurts a companies reputation enough that consumers go to competitors (and we plan to intentionally target the spammers potential customers to provide them with information to direct them to more reputable alternatives) it should decrease the rewards for spammers, and thus decrease spam.

Hopefully that wasn't too shameless of a self-plug, but I've been involved around virtual currency since 2000 and read TerraNova since around 03, a lot of which inspired the site so I felt like sharing what we've worked on for a while here first and hopefully someone will find it interesting.


Don't forget that all the people who kill such bots are, according to Blizzard, copyright infringers.

Violate ToS + copy game into RAM = infringer.

"Rohan, is someone who defends the town square a griefer, or a sherrif?"
Someone who keeps any level 1s from entering would be. Of course if you could make it only zap people with weird names you'd have it made!

Rohan, is someone who defends the town square a griefer, or a sherrif?

I think vigilante really is the word. Someone who takes the law into their own hands. I think its hilarious on a personal level, but if anyone gets banned specifically for this, I'd have some serious questions about it. Is it illegal to stop someone from acting illegally? And if you're the only one who CAN cause violence in the town square, don't you automatically own the monopoly?


I hate spammers ... they're present in every MMO games I've seen !
if there's spammer advertising for illegal ways to get to the top ... it's because some lazy players buy those services ... or the gold ... or the power leveling ... just because they don't understand it's just a game ... That's a shame but there's a lot of simple players who are responsible for the spammers ...
Kill them all ...


how do you play the games?



Sheriffs have badges.


> Sheriffs have badges.

We don't need no steenkin' badges!


As someone who grew tired of daily quests and a guild that makes Kara runs at dinner time in my house I've turned largely to playing the auction house - which I can do in 10 minute bursts as time allows. This tactic - (which I admire) - catches those of us with level 1 banks/mules as well and can be frustrating.

Guess I'll actually have to spend a little time leveling up my auction slave.... She managed to make over 10k in gold without getting past 5 xp bars.


I love how so many people around here like to make so much out of nothing. OMG they are taking back control and fighting spammers...please lets do a study!! This exploit was used excessively NOT to bother spam bots, but to have a laugh at the dead bodies of new players in the noob zones. I am stunned that anyone turns this around as an exploit being used for the greater good. Does anyone here actually play wow or do you just study others playing wow...probably all RP servers right?

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