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Feb 24, 2008



Huge typo alert-- shouldn't that be Daniel James from 3 Rings? (Proof: his not-so-oftenly-updated blog The Flogging Will Continue.)


Yep, it's supposed to be Daniel James from Three Rings.


Thanks for catching that! I've corrected it now.


Wow, the game gods are losing it.


Thanks for a great sum-up blog - this sort of thing is pure gold to those of us who couldn't make it to GDC!!!


The idea that games need to grow up and deliver to a more mature audience is obvious, however I don't think the problem is with designers, producers, programmers, marketing, or gamers. As far as I can see, the problem is that baby boomers HATE anything associated with video games. I'm 37 and I am right on the line between the generations. Most people older than me seem to think playing video games is the same as playing with Fisher Price's Little People, and most people younger than me grew up playing games and still do. As the baby boomers start to lose their power of the world (yes, they truely rule the world right now) and the video game generation starts to take over, the industry will naturally transform and become what the market drives it to become. Like any other entertainment industry, video games are at the mercy of the audience. As long as a significant portion of the adult world HATES video games (and I mean really hates them) you're not going to see adult targeted games really take off.


It takes time. Games as a medium are in their infancy. Look at film: there is a sizable gap between "The Great Train Robbery" and "No Country for Old Men".


re: Chris Hecker - he made a lot of people upset last year when he took Nintendo to task for underpowering the Wii. I think that it went something along the lines of this... - Sony and Microsoft have come out saying that they are producing platforms that have the power to create the next generation of art. (games as art, not in game art assets.) Nintendo says they want to make games for everyone. The Wii is just two game cubes duct taped together..." and it was delivered more strongly, in the spirit of the rant.

He apologized from the podium the next day before the start of his talk for being so strident and hurting people he respected in the attempt to be provocative.

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