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Jan 29, 2008



Holy crap, Greg. Kozinski? And key in-house guys from Linden Lab and Facebook? That's a panel. Just the fact that Kozinski is even *on* a panel on legal issues in virtual worlds is an interesting development. I'm going to see if I can get a reasonable ticket on short notice. How did this not get more publicity before now?


Ah... wait. The panel is not the people listed here; some are speaking independently. My quick reading error. Though it looks like you do have Marty Roberts on the panel with you (and a number of other big names, including Post). Want to ask Roberts if they're worried about contributory trademark infringement, if I don't make it down for this to ask myself?


Hi Ben --

Judge Kozinski actually has talked about virtual worlds and virtual property in the past. I'd be surprised if he doesn't say something about them in his talk.


With regard to Marty Roberts -- stay tuned as I'll post here a copy of the paper that Candy Dougherty and I are writing on the topic for this symposium. It will be saying quite a bit about contributory trademark infringement, mostly focusing on how it might play out in Second Life. So I'll be really interested in what Marty has to say about Linden's position on that issue.


I thought the Wired article on the PNs was really good, & in fact spent the weekend digging around for more information on them. So good stuff. The digging, though did bring up one issue (though small): the article seems to make it out that W-Hat/SA were responsible for the Edwards attack, but that was the PNs (see interview at http://preview.tinyurl.com/2dzcet). But yes, really really liked that coverage.


Videos from the Santa Clara conference law & virtual worlds panel are now online. So if you'd like to hear my go on about trademark law, RMT, and other questions in virtual worlds -- or you want to hear a Second Life GC talk about the RMT there, visit the journal's website here.

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