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Jan 16, 2008



Thanks for the info. A good read.


Am I the only one wondering about the exploitation of those Indian information slaves who only got $500 to type up Julian's book? Is this what it means for "information to be free"?


Hurrah. The stalker is back.


Awesome read so far. Thanks Julian!


I enjoyed reading My Tiny Life.

I thought back to what I was doing with computers from 1990 to 1994. Mostly playing MSDOS games on my 80286. I didn't even know about the internet back then, and my interactive experiences at the time were limited to BBS doors and chat rooms. I discovered the internet in 1996 with Windows95, the WWW, and email. I knew it had been around well before that (archie, gopher, usenet), once I got acquainted, but my path had just never crossed with it before that point. So this read was especially interesting for me.

Thanks Julian!

P.S. I visited LambdaMOO after reading the book. I had hoped that a "text loving" community might have remained fixed to the place, but even the living_room and hot_tub were ghost towns. I wonder if our current crop of MMOs will resemble this after the "next big thing" (whatever that will be) inevitably comes along.


Yeah its a bit sad. I popped my head into TinyTIM the other day hoping to catch up with some old buddies, and it seemed really empty compared to the old days. Its sad. Some of these old text communities are nearly 20 years old.

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