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Dec 29, 2007



FYI... regarding prediction #8, 2.5 million Club Penguin kids gave their virtual money to charity in the 'Coins for Change' event this month, and the devs gave away $1 million based on the kids' response... more here ... I think the key to improving your average, Cory, is being a bit less specific... 'virtual world philanthropic activity results in charitable donations of $1 million or more'. Can we run a tally next year? Shall we say $10 million? :-)


Good point Lisa, about loosening the specificity.

I would also steer clear of the politicians using virtual worlds for real dialog. They don't do that in the real world :) I would expect more virtual presence from them in a non-Townhall/non-stumping sorta way, like Bill Clinton on Arsenio Hall.

I can see a scripted battle between NPCs in WoW between two or more suspiciously-familiar-sounding names, for example :) But few companies can pull that off. It's harder to go from serious to tongue-in-cheek than to always be there.

I can also see more posters in everything from Kaneva to Hellgate: London of whoever wins the primaries.

But in the end, as many people playing now versus a few years ago, it's just much more effective to get one-sided messages out to the truly huge masses out there.

I'd also be interested in any statistic that shows any adjancency between people who actually vote and people who spend their hobby time in virtual worlds. I don't know that I think it'd be that high.


I only had one real prediction, that Second Life would experience a huge backlash as people woke up that the idea of serious business in computer games was a waste of corporate productivity. I *think* I was vindicated on that point.


I'd like to hear about *why* Cory thinks SL growth slowed to a crawl. After all, much of his academic work is dependent on the inevitability of a growing Virtual World based on the (then) exponential Second Life experience.

If Second Life becomes a large-but-stagnant hangout for technophiles and sexual deviants, then this strikes a huge blow for the real-world importance of virtual worlds. Considering the recent stagnation, it seems like this failed predication is pretty key.


I'd like to hear Cory's thoughts on that as well, if he's free to give them (and I'm not certain that's true.)

My guess is that it has had something to do with casinos and some more sour media coverage. But I'm all ears.

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