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Nov 16, 2007



Damn northern hemispherians.

It's about to go winter down here down under.


Whoops -- how borealocentric of me! Apologies! (To Dan and Lisa as well.)

We're already getting some nice Springy stuff -- thanks! :-)

I guess we should set a deadline for entries. How does a week sound?


yeh, some of the first snow of the year here too -brrr. But given global warming I guess it's spring in a kinda long view sense.


Thanks, but no need to apologize to me... I'm back in the northern hemisphere these days. Nice to have holidays when I expect them. I never did get used to the whole Christmas in summer, Easter in autumn, Halloween in spring thing... but I'm a bit of a curmudgeon, I guess.


Can you invert the season for web visitors with Southern Hemisphere IPs?

And no Santa doesn't use a surf board.


My entry.

It's not original photography, but it's adapted from a small slice of a royalty-free stock image that I have rights to use in print and online as long as I don't try to sell it as photography. So if it wins... do NOT pay me. If that disqualifies it (not sure if the "needs to be original" refers to the photography or the work), well... okey dokey. It was fun to put together.

If it does need to be original photography, try this. Taken in Colorado by my wife in 2001.


I'm planning on going down to campus sometime this week to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Since Andy already beat me to that, I'll have to take many shots and do it up as unprofessionally as only an amateur like me can. =P


Hey, Andy, those are neat! Thanks!

By "graphics must be original," I meant more or less: "Don't submit something cool that you find on the Web (due to copyright issues)."

But as long as a banner mash-up is original and there are no real issues about copyright (e.g., your pic taken by and used with permission of a consenting family member photographer), that should be okay.

And don't worry -- nobody will be paid for this. Repeat, nobody will be paid. There is no cash prize!

All entrants, however, shall be awarded the collective and eternal gratitude of the TN blogging collective. :-)

p.s. We've got about 5 submissions now.


Came back from campus about an hour ago and threw together a couple banners with my usual lack of aesthetic taste for text.

No(t much) reason to paste stuff all over the place, so I consolidated all links and such into one post in my Livejournal.


All the photographs in the Flickr set linked are CC BY-SA, and I'm not much of a stickler about the attribution. =P So, if anyone wants to take a shot at making some banners but doesn't have any material to work with, feel free to download pictures.

So I guess this is what passes for my submission. On the off-chance I get some actual feedback, I might even make them better-looking and re-submit!


Michael: Nice images. I like the idea of a collaboration, so I took the liberty of messing with one of your Flickr set and coming up with this..


Wow, Andy, this is starting to feel very remix culture.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted things -- still 4 days left if anyone is holding off. What I'm thinking of doing is a post full of these banners with appropriate credit in early April explaining which one we selected and why.


Here's my submission!


By the way, I just tried to send that to the roaringshrimp address and it bounced back as undeliverable. The bounced back email seems to indicate that disk quota was exceeded on the email account. FYI!


If we just get one submission, I'll pick this one:

There are 3 other variants at the same location if we get more than one entry.

I certify that the source material is my own.

Lots of great entries, it is good to see so much spring.


I hate to say this, and nothing against any of the other entries, but anything with cherry trees is awesome.


Wow so many good ones, if we werent so busy I'd help with code to load a new one on each visit, that would be in line with the season (something new every time you visit TN!!!)

I like Chad O'Niels. But I'm going to have to go with the Chui/Havens collaboration, reminds be of rolling around in the grass in spring as a kid.

PS: Mike, that is the U-Dub campus no?


The Mike Chui & Andy Havens collaboration gets my vote.


Yep, in the absence of any visual puns involving springs and Gadgetzan, I like the Chui/Havens mashup: that's all so very Banner 2.0. And the colours match the TN background one.


Yep. U-Dub Quadrangle. (I actually described my little mini-adventure in the LJ post I linked, if you're curious.) I only have a quarter left, then I'm being cut loose. C'est la vie.

I told myself I wouldn't vote, but I really like Mark Terrano's butterfly banners. The first one, especially, but I'm a sucker for the parallel, near-invisible lines scattering off the butterfly.


Ahhh, when I lived in WA I used to wonder over to the quad in spring, that campus is really great, cant beat the puget sound in the spring/summer.

Enjoy your last few weeks of colligiate bliss :)


Btw -- does everyone know what that fractal-looking stuff is in the background of the banner? I was surprised when I recognized it last weekend...


Greglas - The background is of an odd cauliflower I found at a Venice market. Like you, I was amazed at its fractal structure, although we know nature thrives off seemingly chaotic instruction sets.


I was stunned when I saw it -- it seems like a computer generated pattern, but it's a vegetable. Pretty amazing! :-)


Nov 20 -- Sorry, my mistake -- comments are now re-opened on this thread.


Do you prefer real-world images, or can I hop over to Winterfall and snap some bears?



Richard -- what do you prefer? I think the only limitation I set was "copyright-problem free" and IIRC, Blizzard permits WoW screenshots to be used for noncommercial purposes pursuant to some recent IP licensing thingamabob you could find somewhere.

We've never had a screenshot-based TN banner, but I suppose that's because no one has ever made one yet.


@greglas -- that is not entirely true. My banner from the previous contest was a screenshot of Arden (back in its Multiverse days).


Rory -- I stand corrected. Sorry & thanks!


I think the second from the top has a nice sort of new zealand/lord of the rings feel. I am waiting to see a division of orcs crossing that mountain range.


greglas>We've never had a screenshot-based TN banner, but I suppose that's because no one has ever made one yet.

OK, I made some:



Hmm, it didn't like my embedded images...

They're at:







HellNet MU online

Exp-1000x/Drop-80%/Nice GMs/Nice spots/Bless bug off/Wings LVL1 and bless in shops/Horn race,Find and PK quests


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