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Oct 08, 2007



I wonder what vehicle they'll replace that pick-up truck with when they show that commercial in the UK?



Sam Bradley of Texas Tech writes that there was a VW reference on the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory. In the opening scene, the four (nerdy) friends are sitting around the living room playing an online game on four laptops when one of them wins a sword and instantly tries to sell it on eBay. One of the others clicks "Buy Now" and then has the sword.

Thanks for the note, Sam.


Dead on: If anyone drove a truck in WoW it would be a human paladin...


Well, we've been saying it's coming...more proof that 2007 is a tipping point.


This is certainly not the first machinima car commercial. Ethan Vogt's Game On was out back in 2005 praising Volvo.


'I am the law giver!'



Theres a very clean copy of the advert available free at


I'll give Saatchi & Saatchi 10 out of 10 for pop culture orientated adverts, and certainly it hits all the buttons with anyone who actually knows WoW and about Leeroy.

Certainly it displays the growing brand power of Blizzards franchise (which I'm sure makes them exceedingly happy) and with the Warcraft movie getting the go ahead, I'm sure WoW will in a few years time be on kids school lunchboxes across the world, just like Spiderman, Transformers and Lara Croft is.

"Theres gold in them thar franchises"


The Big Bang Theory clip is on Youtube.



thx! :-)

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