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Oct 12, 2007



Heh, seems to me Terra Novans at least do believe that statement, given that Habbo was removed from the Some Virtual Worlds navigation some time ago. ;) I'd be happy to answer any questions arising from reading the interview, either here or on my blog.


Sulka --

Sincere apologies -- I honestly have no idea how that happened, but it's going back up now. We really should be paying more attention to Habbo here and it's a shame we don't focus on it often.


Re the substance of the post by Nicolas -- I tend to think of MMOs as boundary objects, given that most game theorists have a hard time fitting them into any classic model of games or even traditional models of videogames. Habbo occupies a doubly liminal space insofar as it bridges the boundary between game and metaverse. (And btw, I should note that Richard would probably say there isn't really a boundary there -- in his view, MMORPGs are simply metaverse spaces where games occur.)

The only reason I can think of that it doesn't get more close attention from the virtual worlds crowd (including folks here) is that it is very youth-oriented, like WebKinz or Club Penguin, so we know fewer people (unless we have kids) who are active in it.


MMO - game or business platform?

Entropia Universe, which recently sold 'virtual' banking licenses, had the first banks open this week.


"Daily Rate Set at 0.13%
Monthly rate 4.08%
annual rate 49.99%"

MMOs as a platform for virtual predatory lending anyone?


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I might have missed this being previously posted on at Terranova, but Joystiq has an article up about a Dutch teen who has been arrested for stealing goods valued at approximately 4000 Euros. what was stolen? Virtual furniture in Habbo Hotel.





i think habbo is great and i wish i had a habbo myself i think they r wickd

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