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Sep 12, 2007



We have Micro Economics, Macro Economics, so why not Meta Economics?


Fantastic speaker list. I look forward to this.


A wonderful (and imperative) iniative that couldn't have come at a better time.



The Metanomics initiative is really inspired. I'm sure that many of my colleagues in IBM's Virtual Universe Community, about 3K strong now, would be most interested both in the outcome, and in helping the effort in any way that you might need.


CCP has a full time economist (aparently) working for them to sort of 'manage' the economy (As far as 'managing' a complete free market makes sense. I guess he adjusts spawn rates or something). Might be an interesting guy to get to come along


@Jack (and everyone else), the effort needs *lots* of help! IM me inworld (where I am Beyers Sellers).

@dmx, I have sent an email to CCP's economist (Dr. Eyjlfur Gumundsson), as he is a natural choice to have for an event. But I only have his old university email. Does anyone know how to reach him?

Finally, @V, somehow 'meta economics' doesn't have quite the same ring to it. It also sounds a bit like the economics of economics.


Try this;-


Maybe someone could put a post into the eve general forum and try and get a GM's attention for the info.

But if your so inclined, you can always just phone them I suppose.



Not 100% related, but the notion of mesoeconomics was unsucessfully coined (what verb/adverb combo do you use for a failed attempt to coin a word?) my Dr. Marcos Mamalakis, now at UW-Milwaukee, with an eye to push development and growth theories toward a middle path--not just macro/micro solutions.

this isn't precisely what you're getting at, though. It does however bridge macro and micro in that sense.

As for the economics of economics, the word choice might be closer to:

econography (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historiography>Historiography)


some variation on Epistemology, which might be difficult, because the roots in Greek for economics befit the rather pedestrian beginnings of the discipline and would be difficult to contort into a neologism with Epistemology.

Or perhaps just... http://student.ulb.ac.be/~tcoupe/econecon.html>The Economics of Economics?

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