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Sep 19, 2007



Virtual worlds are certainly not getting less interesting.

That's the truth. It is a very exciting time. VastPark, Multiverse and now Metaplace. I will be quite interested to see how/if all of these worlds will be interchangable/connectable.

Too many platforms to play with too little time.


Nice. Go Ralph.

Might have to go learn me Lua.

Attn Ralph: Make this work with python, because python is programing in easy mode kthx :)


Hmm. Re-reading this, it sort of sounds like the old VRML idea, but actually interactive / multi user.

Which is fantastic.

But its a bit hard to work out whats going on thru the marketing speak. But this does indeed sound intriguing.

Hope it doesnt turn into some sort of RMT obsessed distopia like SL feels like to me.


Grats, Raph. I'm happy to see you go for it, and finally put your ideals into practice the only way you can, as the master of your own domain (multi-puns intended).

I'll be rooting for you folks, and keeping an eye out to make sure you don't sell out too early.

As the Escapist said last year, "Unlike some high-profile thinkers, Raph Koster actually ships product." Ouch for me, and attaboy for you.


Very nice mission and gfx so far, Raph. I can see such an application exploding through Facebook and MySpace. Good luck as you continue development and spread. Congratulations! And may others follow in the footsteps of your mashing!!


This sounds great. More power to users!


The media kit is here!

The media kit is here!


Is the media kit here? Right now it just has some logos. I mean, this is great to hear about and all, but I'm having a bit of a problem finding a screenshot on the site, which is usually what I expect to see when something is "unwrapped." Luckily, there's Google Images.


I found a youtube demo. Don't remember where.


Ola -- that must have been on YouTube -- thanks for the tip. :-)


I have to point out that screenshots mean fairly little, since you can bring in your own art, and your world could be anything from text through 2.5d with 3d heightfield right now... :)


It's very cool, Raph. I'm not sure I understand it yet, but from that YouTube clip, it seems like you're shooting for the grassroots decentralized Web 3.0 "metaplace" -- the name fits. Should make for an interesting rollout. :-)


This is just uber. I wish you the very best of luck.

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