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Aug 12, 2007



Cheers dude, I've managed to finagle my way into the event. Any chance I can catch up with you there perhaps? Be nice to meet other TN people. :)


I was rather expecting a "Pool's closed" discussion.


Even more sorry I can't be there now. Edinburgh festival is rockin' tho.


@Disappointed - pools open apparently, lack of P/N's over there.


Can't wait! Pepper crab, Tiger Beer and satay! Not a big fan of the Singapore Sling, though!

Feel like I've been looking forward to this conference for a year now! Can't believe it's finally happening!


Sounds marvoulous. Enjoy!


Have a great time! Unfortunately, it's too close to SLCC for me to be there this year - the joint year in 2005 was a blast. :)


Hi Dan,
I hope you enjoyed the pepper and chilli crabs we had tonight. The meal made the years melt away and it seemed just like just a few weeks ago when did this together the first time.

Too bad the restaurant was not able to provide the quality of waiters you came to expect ;-)

Wish everyone here was able to join us for the conference. If tonight's anything to go by, the conference is going to be a real hoot! :-)


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