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Jul 17, 2007



Ma'am ,if i could post a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head, i would.


What an odd post. I'll just say that the imagination doesn't always have to make sense. In fact, it rarely does. That's sorta the point of unshackling your mind and allowing your thoughts to move on a tangent not limited by the normal boundaries of what seems reasonable.


The media give us so many images people nowadays hardly have to think for themselves anymore. When the suggestion comes to move through digital graphic data you may imagine visions from the film 2001, johnny mnemonic, the matrix, ghost in the shell or various other types of prefabricated representations.

In my view, gamers make their world into their own space though, even when it's predesigned and visualized, it's the gamers that make the world a gaming enviornment. World of Warcraft without its players wouldn't be called a game. Then people enact in games, writing out their visualizations of their own perception. This changes the gameplay and to some degree the game world.

But if you truly want to see how players enact upon their environment, you'll have to enter Second Life for a while and watch a fully user-generated content environment. This is no game however (as referred to by gameresearchers) but what creative users seek most of all is to create their own audiovisual utopia. Second Life hands them the tools, but I think gamers in all types of cyberspace will do that to some extent already.


What's interesting is how frequently the spaces created by people within Second Life, with an entirely blank canvas, are so often mirrored on the real world. Whether this is because the technology/tools are still in their infancy, or whether the real world forms a set of almost hardwired constraints on our ability to design and play and build is an interesting question.


I once had a professor tell me that books are the purest form of virtual reality because the mind fills in the gaps.


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Actually, the real significance of fog is as a tool for dealing with what happens when things are too far away. It just fades into 'the fog'. You dont have to use fog as fog, you can use it as 'where things go when they get closer to the horizon'. Thats often how its used in 3d graphics anyway.


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