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Jun 20, 2007



@ Candy : " the more laws, the less justice ".


Profoky was banned?

Oh thank you - her drivel killed my TN buzz so hard I wandered off for at least 6 months.


An old lesson I've learned in commenting on blogs or forums where the rules are unclear and freedom of expression can be at stake (but you might not notice it until it's too late) is that form is as important as content, and that tools like irony, sarcasm, or humour are as efficient to drive a point home than, well, blunt speech.

This was a hard lesson learned in my country during half a century of a right-wing authoritarian benevolent dictatorship. Never in the 20th century were authors and artists so creative with their speech as during the days of censorship. A commonly spread urban legend is that the dictator himself — absolutel void of humour — used to chuckle at books he read where the amount of creativity to escape censorship was so amusing that even he could not avoid to laugh at them. Whole new art forms were created in those days.

Alas, when democracy finally came, literary production declined dramatically.

Caveat lector: the above paragraphs, while containing less than 200 words, are crammed full of sarcasm


The only offensive thing about the massive wall-of-text posts (and the horrendously long, thread-killing ones only really come from one person) is that they appear in toto. If there was a jump-cut/expandable link after the first 350-ish words (click here to read more) then that would be enough. You could use the (deprecated) PROK tag.

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