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Jun 16, 2007





Good stuff! Congrats, Nick!


Hey I accidently ran across the show while channeling last night in my hotel room in Amsterdam. It was good enough to keep me out of trouble for an extra hour.


Congratulations on your graduation, Dr. Yee!

(Hey, you will be by the time you get to read this.)


Very entertaining. I look forward to catching the full programme this week.


I'm glad you are feeling better, and I'd like to second John's congratulations on your PhD... are you going to stay in academia or move on to an industry job?


Nicely done, and grats on the RL ding!


Congratulations, Nick! Thanks for the edited version.


Nick, why, in the trailers leading up to this CNN special, out of all the things there are to say, you had to pick this concept, typical of elites among the Metarati, to the effect that "people have all this opportunity but all they do is replicate real life and build suburban tracts."

Why can't they? Why do you have to dump on them? Why can't you just build your ideal steel-and-glass modern-looking enclave (which is actually replicated more than you'd feel comfortable knowing about) and be done with it?

Why can't mass taste exist in virtual worlds? Can't you just do your thing on a private island without kicking others in the teeth?

People want to be free.


Congratulations Nick. Look forward to future greatness. And this RL Ding was substantial! Couldn't agree more that it is the people that truely matter!


Thanks for providing the clip for us Nick. I enjoyed the video


Hmmm, I see prok is busy once more using terms for things that don't exist ....


I would like to see the whole show now! :)


Thanks for that, very interesting and useful.

You do say "you know" rather a lot.


Congratulations, Nick.

I look forward to seeing you at the Wallenberg Videogames and Education week at Stanford in August!

I too want to see the whole show now! It says something that a mainstream medium like CNN Int'l would spend an hour on that topic. And it says something else that the program directors at CNN didn't think the US audience would want to watch it!


Thank you all for the kind words (well - almost all). Your comments mean a lot to me.

I plan to start working for PARC in September while also working a little with Jeremy (my advisor at Stanford). So I'd say I will keep a foot in industry and the other foot in academia.

I hope to start on a book project soon.

The rest of the program covers non-game applications of virtual worlds - such as photo-sharing sites, the future of movies, and information-sharing sites. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, the program will not be broadcast in the US.


You can watch the full video online here:

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