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Apr 03, 2007



So far, they have:

  • Atavian (bird-person)
  • Bandicoon (raccoon person)
  • Broccan (badger-person)
  • Foxen (fox-person)
  • Ursine (bear-person)
  • Taurian (bull-person)
  • Bounder (rabbit-person)
  • Feline (cat-person)
  • Hart (stag/deer-person)
  • Caprican (ram/sheep-person)
  • Longtail (rat-person)
  • Fangren (wolf-person)
  • Noctari (owl-person)

Will it be a TN reader who suggests the "Persiman (person-person)"?


Mephitidari - Skunk people.


The Persiman, sadly, killed himself off thousands of years before the time period EE will launch into.



Well the signs of the Chinese Zodiac they don't seem to have an equivalent of yet are Dragon, Snake, Horse and Monkey, so that may be a good place to start.

If I were doing this myself, I'd probably try to match the existing animals to a Myers Briggs personality type indicator and then see where the holes were. However, I'm not, so I won't.



Hmm...I wonder why insects are ineligible. They have a seemingly endless supply of unique abilities.


Every time I hear news about mr. Mihaly it ruins my day. Lazy isn't the word I'd use, egotistical and greedy are the first ones that come to mind. Matt, may EE bring mediocrity and red ink to the Iron Realms brand.


Disgruntled much? :)



Judging from his comment, he's ashamed of his high opinion of IRE.

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