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Mar 10, 2007



I'm not sure what a daiquiri hindsight is, but I wanted to comment on the thing about MMO's blurring into all computer entertainment.

Probably in 2010 online connectivity will be taken for granted so much that being able to see other players' avatars on screen will be the norm in most games. An example could be in "lobbies" where people match up before starting a game session.

But the "MMO" term will probably continue as a name for online worlds where the environment/economy is somehow dynamic as compared to the more or less static offerings where the purpose is only to match up with other players and chat.

So graphical chatrooms on one side and MMOW's (Massively Multiplayer Online _Worlds_) on the other.


We would need to have a very broad definition of MMO/VW in order for that to be true I think, 2010 is only three years away after all. I don’t think game based VWs are anywhere near the stage of being quick and easy to make – even with moves like what Sun has proposed. Non game VWs, well, since these can be nearly anything they could well become ubiquitous quickly, especially if they become a simple interface to allow people to make money and socialise at the same time.

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