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Mar 30, 2007



> Apparently all four major candidates in France's
> presidential election have offices in Second Life.

I'd be more interested in meeting their Warcraft Personas. Being a young person, it's the only way they could win my respect. :-)


I'm not convinced I could possibly contribute anything more than a word that BJ's comment seems more important the OP. Suddenly, I feel old.


> I'm not sure why game-y worlds don't seem as favored for organizing these sort of liasons as Second Life.

I might be going out on a limb, but perhaps government employees feel uncomfortable representing themselves professionally as Orcs?


I wonder how Le Pen feels about alternative (furry?) lifestyles.

More seriously, we could ask a similar question to the one asked concerning the entry of Caldwell Banker. Do candidates participate in SL because they expect direct returns (votes/contributions) from SL or because of the signal it sends (I'm cool.)? One possible test is to see how much they campaign there-- Do they accept contributions in L$? Are there rallies, signs, etc? Do candidates spend more time/money on SL campaigns if a greater % of their citizens have SL accounts?

Looks like we need some data!


Any readers from D.C? Is it true that the place is filling up with heavily armed 'civilian contractors?' Do the Neocons still plan to hold another election? Will that have to be delayed in order to protect us from, well, uhhh, whoever.


Also, from earlier this year, the case of Sweden:

Sweden plans Second Life embassy

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