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Mar 11, 2007



We covered quite a bit on the new blog (link on my name). Unfortunately 70% of my time was spent in biz dev as we are close to launch. I still have about 5 more posts to write also.

I'm sorry I missed your talk Mia, but conflicts in scheduling prevented it. I did meet Ian, Dimitri and a few other TN people, around the GDC and specifically the SGS, and SG Reception.

I was able to set up a few affiliations, and make contacts to work on ways to provide data to the academic community down the road, it was nice to validate that we can help the academic community.

This was my first GDC so I dont have much to compare to, but the intersetion of Web 2.0, and SN was pretty big.

The Privacy and Security panel that Elonka moderated stands out as excellent I have a lot of notes. I'll post them to the blog.

The IGDA is doing some great stuff, Jason was very nice even to a non-game-dev like me. :)

I was happy to see the crew from MIT, One Laptop Per Child, I think we'll be supporting thier efforts with free advertising for quite sometime, thats little green machine was just awesome.....


"multiplayer games, chat, avatars, profiles, instant messaging, and micro-transactions to increase your retention, session times, revenues"

I cant say I agree with it :/ sorry,but the rest of the article is really true.

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