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Mar 31, 2007



See my comment in previous post. Three new perspectives is even better than two. Welcome!


I'm happy, nay delighted, to be invited by y'all :)
Looking forward to it!


Welcome Florence! April is set to be a fine month!


Woah ! Smart and beautifull ! Dangerouse combo :=)
Welcome .


The site looks great ! Thanks for all your help ( past, present and future !)


Damn! Florence, I got you on your last day. Way to go!


Hehe, it's all good. As you can see by my entries, it's been an educational month for all concerned. Was going to write about my cat, but looks like I've run out of time. Besides, you know where to find me--'crying on the couch' or picking fights in the usual places.
Maybe I'll get invited to keynote somewhere and can talk about fluffy then.

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