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Mar 08, 2007



You know...this blog continues to be a non-source for good information. Most who come here are techy to begin with, so we already knew about Joystiq's hardly newsworthy makeover.

Why don't you meatheads start researching and writing about what everyone is currently buzzing about? Namely, did HiPiHi really steal SL's code to make their virtual world? Also, with Sony's stunning 'Home' virtual world hitting the market will it be curtains for SL, there.com etc? Or how about taking a stab at what kind of technology will or could (should?) come about as a result of improving virtual world software.

I'm being critical, yes. However, with the collective experience and academic weight you have in the form of contributing and guest authors here, I expect more. Period.


This is Joystick101.org, not joystiq.com


Why you guys always look at what's happening in China in ridiculously biased perspective. All the core tech were developed in-house by HiPiHi, with 40 engineers working on it for the last 18 months. If you happen to be in Beijing, I can help you connect to the founders of HiPiHi and you will probably find our offering is equally good as SL. Xinhua


If it weren't for China's miserable track record of stealing ANY technology that isn't adequately secured, I would be inclined not to agree with Jeffrey.


Thank you much for the link, Thomas! And thank you Jeffrey for a deeply amusing post.

Firstly, you "already knew" about something that didn't happen. Joystiq continues to be the blog that it is. You were apparently "in the know" about a non-existent happening, so I guess that makes you pretty cool, in a fictional way.

Secondly, the link was to Joystick101, a site that predates Joystiq, and is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT WEBSITE.

That's right. Your sneering, criticisms and insults are actually founded off of BEING TOTALLY AND ENTIRELY WRONG! Fun!

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