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Feb 19, 2007



A Tale In The Desert has a very powerful democratic lawmaking system.

Players can propose any kind of law (or feature request), and if it gets a sufficient number of supporting signatures everybody is invited to booths for voting.


It seems to work very well, and in my opinion it adds extraordinary depth to the game.


...but the laws in ATiTD are implemented by hand, in code, by Teppy. There isn't (or at least wasn't in mid-first and mid-second tellings) some built-in "law engine" that was hugely parameterized and could implement player-written laws. It's common for proposed laws to get vetoed, either on the ground that they violate the game fiction or that they're not feasible to code.


Galatic Civilizations is a single player space empire strategy game. Though not multiplayer, I nonetheless enjoy the feature where NPC heads of state (empires) and you (your empire) vote on "binding" resolutions regarding games rules - whether transports can be armed, how much tax, etc. Even in the single player context, the idea of confronting the option of choice to change the rules of the game (and not just how the storyline unfolds) I think can be engaging.

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