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Feb 01, 2007



...Which one of these is not like the other...

I'd say the poisonous snake one.


I know! It must be 1! :)

Welcome Jennifer. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.



I think it's either 1 or 5. More likely to be 5. Ironically, because I spend too much time with mind games, I wonder if it's 3 just because it's so... mundane... in comparison.


Thanks for the welcome, I’m glad to be here and look forward to lots of interesting discussion! ☺ So far one of you got it, and I will add that # 3 is something I have done and it was by FAR the most frightening of them all.


Must be 5 or 2 then, right? Since two people kind of guessed 1? I had thought it was 4!


Welcome, Jen! I look forward to reading your thoughts here.

I was going to guess #1 or #4, but it must be 2 or 5? If you've chewed betel nut you get additional props! :)


Welcome, Jen -- more anthropologists FTW!

Off the top of my head, I'd say #5, if only because the Hinduism in the area might work against, um, bovine consumption of that sort. But, really, it's hard to pick an anthropological bizarre food-eating account as false, if only because it's the classic narrative of the fieldwork experience. If it's true, then I think I got off much easier -- boiled sheep's lung in highland Crete. >.<


I say #1 since it's a different area of the world than the others.


It is pretty clear it is #2 ;-)


Ok, I fess up that I have never eaten bull testicles. Somehow I’ve managed to avoid the standard Anthropology hazing and have no good food stories to tell (excepting too much Ketchup in Africa but that could be a nightmare tale right out of middle America). Mike, I have chewed betel nut in quantity though I will admit I’m a total lightweight.


Hmm, Thomas got #5 right but not the reason: Indonesia is the largest Muslim country. Nevertheless, eating bull testicles sound like something more appropo to Indochina.

And, lastly but not the least, it sounded like the most mundane one, so I got it wrong.

Welcome Jen.



@Frank: I carefully chose the phrase "Hinduism in the area" precisely because it is not the majority religion (Islam), but continues to shape, directly and indirectly, a lot of local cultural attitudes. But it is true that I was grasping at straws, and got lucky. :)



Right, didn't catch that meaning. Both Jen and yourself could have been talking about Bali, which have very strong Hindu influences.

Well, Jen this should be on your to-do list then.

Welcome again.


I thought it was a trick question/statement, that anthropologists no longer say Micronesia :)


ErikC - did I miss some sort of important anthropologist memo about Micronesa?!


I say the shaman one.

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