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Dec 16, 2006



I sent this rare photo to the lab for analysis and getting a close-up, I see Urizenus/Ludlow has drunk up all the Veuve Clicquot.


"Prefabricated in New Zealand, ...transported by ship, and reassembled on a spit of land on McMurdo Sound..."

No wonder I never find the meetings.


I must say that your chosen theme tune is more poignant than I would have expected. Nice choice in getting the excellent iLiKETRAiNS to do it, though.



Step one: make obscure musical joke

Step 2: insert explanatory link.


Endie, ROFLMHO that is one excellent music video.

I particularly liked the icebergs, although really the whole thing just generally carried its aesthetic pretty well.


Yeah, it's very well done, and I think it's really touching in places, especially where the extracts from Scott's diary appear, such as when Oates heads out.

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