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Dec 19, 2006



Having caught that VATSIM article on C|Net shortly after it was posted, I've wondered why there's been no coverage of it on those blogs and sites I normally visit. Thanks for mentioning it here. Hopefully it'll get some attention and discussion.


An interesting contrast raised in both the Slashdot discussion (cited above) and here (PPruNe) involves the value of real-world training versus simulator training.

To simplify a bit, the argument in favor of simulator-based training hinges on an ability to train (and retrain) on the *exceptions* (from comment here):

On a multi-engine "real" aircraft, you generally train 6 failures (engine fire, engine failure, generator failure, loss of one instrument power source, gear will not extend , flaps will not extend) to a high standard. In a simulator you train these, plus many, many more.

(see also here)

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