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Nov 14, 2006



WoW would spend all evening silently stabbing repeatedly at the roast chicken with a fork, Second Life would be spewing an endless stream of doom and disaster while blinding everyone with laser beam earrings, and Tetris would wearily slump in a chair swilling vodka, muttering, 'In soviet russia, the blocks drop you!'


Is that before or after Second Life tried to steal your wallet while giving you a lap dance? :)


After World of Warcraft spent several hours poking the roast chicken, WoW would suddenly scream "DING", and the other dinner guests would give a round of tennis applause.


WoW would be witty at the start of the night, but by the end would announce that they couldn't eat dessert without another 39 friends, and that it would take five hours of squabbling and fighting over who got the biggest slice of pavlova to do so.

Second Life would seem all savvy and media-aware but would keep getting into a giant cat costume and trying to have sex with you when the journalist you invited went to the toilet.


This Second Lifer would talk about recent SL fun: I've tried virtual ice skating and helped DJ at my fave nightclub (needed a serious shot of Sonic Youth and early Beck). I also designed an incense burner complete with smoke particle stream as a birthday gift for an in-world acquaintance. A conference on avatars I attended a month back was my first foray into virtual academia. I would also point out that Second Life has spawned Tringo, a tetris -meets- bingo style game that is played in-world. I haven't played Tringo myself, but it was apparently rather successful for its creator. The wikipedia entry for Tringo is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tringo


Second Life would be an intelligent, well-articulated man in his early 20's or 30's - but as the evening progressed, he would reveal a more disturbing side of himself.

WoW would be a sniveling, rude teenager, unable (or unwilling) to speak proper English. He would be obsessed about the size of his fork.


Second Life would be the celeb-of-the-day and WoW would be the Juggernaught from Marvel Comics.


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