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Nov 27, 2006



"his virtual alter-ego was also killed in a car accident sometime around 3 AM."

Can you actually die in 2L? From what I remember, the death system was very Carebear. ;P


It'd be very difficult to get "killed" in an SL-based car accident, even in a damage-enabled sim-- and there are relatively few of those-- and even if you did get killed, you're just teleported to your home location after a few seconds of delay. This news story sounds like a hoax-- or the logline for a spec script.


I recommend this link:


Are they implying some sort of sympathetic magic at work here? voodoo doll style?


This story is completely fabricated. The internet detectives at SomethingAwful had this one torn down to its foundation within a couple hours of it first appearing. They are an obsessive lot when given a mystery.

Also, e,f,b on the Digg link.

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